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Get Started with Trademark Clearance.

In order to receive the full protections afforded by law for your trademark, you must file for federal registration of your mark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office(USPTO). However, before investing your time and money in adopting a trademark and filing an application, it is pertinent that the interested mark be thoroughly researched in order to increase the likelihood of registration and minimize rejection by the USPTO and oppositions by other trademark owners.  

The importance of trademark novelty searches is generally disregarded by start up business owners  - don't make that potentially costly mistake. Unknowingly investing in a brand identical to or confusingly similar(read more about the legal definition of confusing similarity here) to that of a third-party can result in lost time and money spent in marketing a brand that will have to be abandoned. Business owners should have new brands and trademarks cleared by a Trademark Attorney BEFORE proceeding with development of advertising and marketing materials. We offer a number of search options for business owners interested in developing a new brand.


These searches can help reduce your possible long term costs and include reports with thorough analysis and comprehensive clearance advisory on the availability and potential liabilities of interested marks. Our flexible search plans can be tailored to your mark and your budget.




Learn more about the risks and benefits associated with brand clearance here.

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