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Trademark Filing & Examination

A thorough plan for your TM portfolio can save your business capital.

Acquiring a federal trademark registration from the USPTO can be a costly and time-consuming effort, especially if not approached with the skill and experience of a professional. Gibson Law Office can assist you in coordinating and drafting the best application for your mark.


In your consultation, we will discuss your business sector, the range of your brand and tailor a customized list of international classes and description of goods and services to maximize the protection provided by your trademark registration. The firm's Principal is experienced in registering everything from business names and logos to sound marks and designs.


Gibson Law


Your application will be continually monitored to ensure that it efficiently matures from filing through registration. In the event of Office Action or Opposition, Gibson Law Office can construct a comprehensive defense of your trademark to increase your likelihood of successful registration. Contact Us to get started.


Every trademark application must be tailored to the unique nature of the business. For musicians seeking trademark protection, please see our discussion on Intellectual Property Protection for Musicians.

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