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Now Certified by the U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce

Celebrating recognition as a Military Spouse Owned Enterprise.

The Gibson Law Practice, PLLC is proudly celebrating an achievement in becoming a certified Military Spouse Owned Enterprise. The U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce created the first, and only of its kind, certification in an unprecedented commitment to secure military spouses a seat at the B2B table. As the spouse of an active duty Marine serving his 18th year in the Corps, and as the Principal Attorney at GibsonLaw, I am proud to see my firm certified among this league of military spouse owned businesses. The United States has long been defended by members of the armed forces, and in a silent role, by the military spouses who support those service members. Military families make countless sacrifices in support of service members' commitment to defending our country; from constant relocations, and time away from family, to the difficult reality that career flexibility is essential in managing dual roles as business persons and military spouses. The U.S. Military Spouse Chamber of Commerce is on a mission to garner national recognition for military spouse business owners through its certification process. Supporting military spouse owned business is a win-win move for both the spouses and the corporations which hire them for B2B enterprise. By supporting military spouse owned enterprises, you directly impact the quality of life for the service member, facilitate higher military retention, and thereby aid in improving national security. Thank you to all GibsonLaw clients for continuously choosing this firm for your Intellectual Property legal services.

Warm Regards, Claire Gibson Intellectual Property Attorney The Gibson Law Practice, PLLC

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